One of the current fastest-growing sectors of the world economy is the polymers sector. An accelerated rate of growth in polymers demand is seen worldwide.

The need to establish its own raw material base encourages the polymers industry of Kazakhstan to develop very actively: Special economic zones are being established as sites for projects, the first integrated gas-to-chemicals complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan is being realised, conditions and prerequisites for sustainable development of the industry as a whole are being formed. Advantageous geographic position and hydrocarbon resources of the country make Kazakhstan competitive and attractive for investments.

Polymers market of CIS remains one of the most developing markets in the world and a great number of investment projects are in progress. All prerequisites exist for its further development: sufficiently high level of consumption of polymers products in some segments and availability of own oil and gas fields.

Learn more about the growth prospects and investment opportunities of the polymers industry in Kazakhstan and CIS.


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What are the outlook and new opportunities for the polymers industry in Kazakhstan and CIS

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What innovative technologies and solutions are in high demand in the sector and can serve as a catalyst for its rapid development

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What is the stage of realisation of existing infrastructure projects, and what capacities are required for further development of the industry


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    Assylbek Jakiyev

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    Petrochemical Industry of Kazakhstan Overview

    Mikhail Katsevman

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    Raw Material Supply in the Russian Plastic Recycling Market - Expert Opinion


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    Growth prospects
    and investment potential
    of the polymer industry in Kazakhstan and the CIS

    1 June 2023, 16:00 (Astana), 10:00 (GMT)

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    The webinar is held in preparation for the 4th International Congress and Exhibition Polymers Qazaqstan and CIS: Construction and Modernisation of Plants (17-19 October 2023, Atyrau, Kazakhstan)