Construction and modernisation of plants

The first integrated Gas-to-Chemicals Complex in Atyrau Region Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries INC.

Operator/initiator: KPI Inc.

Location: Kazakhstan

Stage: Overall project progress – 99,74%

Dates: 2017–2022


KPI Inc. is a subsidiary of KazMunayGas National Company JSC (49.5%), Samruk-Kazyna Ondeu (49.5%) and Firm Almex Plus LLP (1%), which is the operator of the first phase of the first integrated Gas-to-Chemicals Complex in Atyrau Region. The partnership started its activity in 2008 and is a participant of the National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark special economic zone, where the project is realised.

Project goal: Production of 500,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year. Raw materials: Propane from Tengiz field, purified of harmful impurities, which ensures minimised impact on the environment. Technologies used: Catofin (propane dehydrogenation) and Novolen (propylene polymerisation) technologies from Lummus Technology Inc. Similar complexes have been built in 5 countries - Saudi Arabia, USA, Belgium, South Korea and PRC. 77% of the equipment is made by manufacturers from Europe, the USA, South Korea, Japan and India. Working positions generated for the construction period (temporary): over 4,300, for the operational period (permanent) - 1,100. General contractor: China National Chemical Engineering Co.

Projects on polyethylene production (Silleno LLC), and butadiene production (Butadiene LLC)

Operator/initiator: KazMunayGas

Location: Kazakhstan

Dates: Project on polyethylene production - 2023-2027; project on butadiene production - 2023-2026

Description: Polyethylene project сapacity comprises 1.25 million tons of polyethylene per year. Current status of the projects is a strategic partnership: KMG signed partnership with SIBUR for project realisation. Feasibility study with MarTech technology is completed, and licensor agreement was signed in December 2022. FEED is planned to start in the beginning of 2023. Butadiene project capacity comprises up to 190,000 tons of rubbers per year. Current status of the projects is a strategic partnership: KMG and Tatneft established Butadiene JV LLC in 2021. Prefeasibility is completed in 2021, Lummus licensor was selected, and FEED had started. KMG signed feedstock supply agreement.

Petrochemical Cluster, Tyumen Region

Operator/initiator: Cluster-forming company: ZapSibNeftekhim (Sibur)

Location: Russia

Stage: Ongoing establishment and design of cooperative chains

Dates: 2024

Description: The petrochemical cluster will incorporate industrial and service facilities of Tobolsk industrial site and facilities engaged in petrochemical products processing.

The cluster implements four development directions: processing of polymers, salt deposits of Zapsibneftekhim, solving technological challenges of petrochemical industry, and localisation of EPC and service in the region.

Establishment of “polymer processing” will allow to receive 54 billion RUB of revenue and ensure 8 thousand jobs.

Priority areas are compounds (polymer mixtures for subsequent processing), packaging films, food packaging, pipe products. Potential residents of the cluster include over 430 companies.

SIBUR is the core company of the cluster.

In September 2021, the first open presentation of the cluster took place — more than 60 companies have already announced their intentions to participate. On December 1, 2021, the start of cluster establishment as a strategic and long-term development project was announced.

New Ethylene Propylene Unit at Naftan Plant

Operator/initiator: Polymir

Location: Belarus

Dates: 2021-2025

Description: The construction of a new ethylene propylene plant is the key project of the company’s Development Programme and is included in the Development Strategy of petrochemical complex before 2030, developed by Belneftekhim.

This project implies commissioning of a modern pyrolysis and gas separation plant (ethylene-propylene plant), and the subsequent decommissioning of the existing obsolete and physically worn-out EP-60-1 and EP-60-2 units (workshops 101 and 104).

The construction of a new ethylene-propylene plant involves complete replacement of the existing equipment of EP-60-1/2 units and includes the following key technical solutions: construction of new pyrolysis furnaces, fractionation unit, gas separation and related infrastructure.

The project will lead to the annual output of targeted polyolefins amounting to the total of 300 thousand tons, including 200 thousand tons of ethylene and 100 thousand tons of propylene. The processing will be carried out at existing facilities with the subsequent release of high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE), acrylonitrile and acrylic fibres.

Participation conditions for investors: entering the capital of an operating facilities, a new facility with the participation of a local partner, credit financing.

Capacity expansion at the Shurtan MCC

Operator/initiator: Uzbekneftegaz

Location: Uzbekistan

Dates: 2021-2024

Description: On 25 December, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, President of Uzbekistan, gave the start to the construction of another new complex to increase production capacity of the Shurtan Gas-to-Chemicals Complex by three times.

According to the head of state, the new plant will produce 280,000 tons of polyethylene and 100,000 tons of polypropylene a year by processing 430,000 tons of naphtha produced at the GTL plant. About 800 working positions will be established.

As a result additional $550 million worth of products will be produced. In turn, due to deep processing of these products, up to 2 times more consumer goods can be produced.

Due to these two new plants (UzGTL and Shurtan Gas-to-Chemicals Complex), the country’s first major gas-to-chemicals cluster will be established on the territory of Shurtan Complex, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Modernisation of the Ethylene-Polyethylene Plant for Full Automation of Production

Operator/initiator: Azerikimya (Socar)

Location: Azerbaijan

Dates: 2023

Description: Azerikimya Production Association of SOCAR plans to complete the modernisation of the Ethylene-Polyethylene Plant with 100% automation of the company in 2023.

Projects on the construction of a new high voltage substation and the expansion of the existing water cooling system are at the final stage.

It is planned to commission an additional steam turbine generator, which will double the production of electricity. The realisation of the Project will increase the design capacity of the Steam Generator Complex at the plant from 32 MW/h to 65 MW/h and make it energy selfsufficient.

The plant’s capacity for some products will increase by 2 times, for others - by 3 times following the modernisation. Propylene production will reach 187 thousand tons per year, ethylene - 190 thousand tons.

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